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"I don’t think that everyone is obliged to be an activist, or to sacrifice meaningful amounts of their lives towards a greater purpose. But I do think that it’s part of who we are - that we aren’t satisfied with life unless there’s some meaning that we derive from what we do."


Find meaning in what you do.

That which makes pursuits meaningful is different for different people.


Not everyone is obliged to be an activist.


Everyone is responsible for waste.

We need to learn and teach how to value what we have.



Nearly three-fifths of all clothing produced ends up in incinerators or landfill within years of being made. (1)

One cotton t-shirt requires approximately 2700 liters of water to make. That's about how much one person drinks in 3 years.

The average person wears a piece of clothing 3-7 times before it ends up in a landfill or is recycled.

Nearly half the world's toys are in America.
Despite making up just over 3 percent of the global population of children, American kids consume 40 percent of the world’s toys. (2)

America creates more electronic waste than any other nation on earth.

Despite being less than a quarter the size of China, Americans throw out more than 1 million tons more electronic devices than the country. Relatively little of it is recycled. (2)


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